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A day at tennis camp!


Week 1:  Kylie McLatchy

Kylie won her first official tennis match that she ever played!!  She played #2 singles for the CYA 12's on opening day vs. ECS Super Quads.   Her win clinched a 2-1 team victory for the CYA 12's.  Kylie has lots of talent.  If we can get her on the court a little more,  her star will really shine!  Congratulations Kylie!

Week 2:  Colleen McCarthy

Colleen won both her singles and doubles matches to lead the CYA HS Girls to their first victory of the season.  She won at #2 singles by a convincing 10-2 margin.  Colleen followed with a close 10-9 victory in doubles with Jungmin.  Colleen recently completed her first year on the Chantilly HS tennis team where she was part of the Concorde District champions. 

Week 3:  Manan Shah

Manan won his singles match for CYA 14's B, 8-0 as the CYA 14's B team won their first match of the season, 3-0 versus Little Net Boys.  Manan is now undefeated in his individual match play with two singles wins and a doubles victory last week.  Manan is a good example of improving by getting out and practicing a lot.  He and Abishek practice frequently on their neighborhood courts.

Week 4:  Kurt Fedors

Kurt had an excellent performance at #1 singles vs. Burke Aces winning comfortably 10-4.  Kurt was patient and consistent from the baseline, but also looking for the right opportunities to attack the net.

Week 5:  Abhishek Ramanan

Abhishek had a great performance in his doubles victory this week.  At the beginning of the season, he was not eager to go to the net in doubles.  In this match, he was constantly at the net ending the points with excellent volleys.