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Read on and discover the Games-Based approach to teaching tennis to children.  This is the method of teaching used in the junior development program of the CIT Jr. Tennis Academy.

CIT uses the games-based approach when teaching junior development classes in the CIT Jr. Tennis Academy. 

The games-based approach ensures the fun of playing tennis is retained by creating game-like situations or lead-up games that suit the skill level of players.  It might seem logical to introduce kids to tennis by teaching the basic skills of the sport before they are introduced to strategy or tactics.  However, the risk with teaching skills first is that it can be so boring and repetitive that young players may drop out.  If they do stick with the sport, they may learn to execute the skills  with little or no idea of when to apply them within the game. 

The games-based approach will help kids learn faster, have more fun, and understand more clearly how to apply their skills to the game.  Keep in mind, skill development is not ignored with this approach.  Rather, kids start by playing the game, then learning strategy before concentrating on the tennis technique.  Using "play" as a first step helps kids understand the game and identify what skills they think they will need to be successful.  The motivation to learn these skills is built in from the outset, so little persuasion from the teacher is needed.

One of the key characteristics of Game-Based coaching is that kids discover how to succeed during play through their experience in playing-not by telling them what to do.  The situation is created;  they play the game and then try to figure out how to problem-solve.